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Live in Washington but hit in Oregon? Live in Oregon but hit in Washington?  Hire a lawyer licensed in both states!

Welcome to Angela L. Engstrom, Attorney at Law

Hire a lawyer licensed in both Oregon & Washington!

When you find you are in need of a Lawyer or legal advice, I am ready to assist. I offer free consultations in all areas. Honest, kind, hard working, I strive to understand your personal situation and provide proper advice and representation. If your case does not match my experience, I will refer you to another attorney who is a better fit for your specific situation. I look forward to visiting with you.

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"Angela is so knowledgable and so very personable that she made me feel safe and that everything would be just fine!"

"I met Angela years ago and have had to turn to her for help twice now as an attorney. I knew instantly that I had made the right decision. She knows what she is doing ... Angela is a great attorney and one that I like having on my side."

"This is the third case in which Angela has worked with me. Some of my friends with similar cases have been frustrated due to poor communication and lack of responsiveness on the part of their attorney. I have never had that problem. Angela keeps me updated with the progress of my case and responds promptly to my calls and/or e-mail."

"Angela took on an out-of-town case located in a difficult court district. She took the time to analyze the case thoroughly, explain the prospects and options and was thorough in her preparation. She even went early to drive the scene. The preparation paid off as her legal arguments prevailed and the judge ruled in our favor. I would highly recommend Angela as she was terrific to work with and kept me up to date as we neared the court date. Kudos to you Angela!"